Welcome to the first Dev Diary for my previously unnamed mod: "War on Destiny"
First, I'd like to give credit to @2nd_Empire for the name, and to explain why I chose it.

giant girl stepped on my horse
Manifest Destiny was an American doctrine from the 19th Century regarding the expansion of American Settlers into native lands as the justified and inevitable spread of civilization. It embodies the concept of "From Sea to Shining Sea," the idea that the US should have land both on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
The concept of an American fragmentation is literally a "War on (Manifest) Destiny," and that concept was an early inspiration for the events of WoD.
Of course, the very fact that this is an Alt-History mod makes it in and of itself a "War on Destiny," in another sense.
It just works on so many levels!
So, yet again, big thanks to @2nd_Empire.
First things first, I'd like to introduce the two original countries I added to the game:
North and South New England.

The idea was that, after a failed proletarian revolution in 1935 after years of depression hardly improving under the Hoover Administration, the North of New England would be an amalgamation of Communes inhabited by the expatriated communists from the south and the rest of the US.
The south, however, would be under the control of mutually-assistant private armies that fought the Communists but were disloyal to the federal government.
The chief force being Anderson Security, a company inspired by the Pinkertons, its founder and President now the President of the "Republic of New England"
At the moment, the North has many poorly made (and overpowered) focuses from when I was first learning. The south, on the other hand, has very few decently made focuses from after I learned focus trees in greater detail.
However, after certain changes I made to the mechanics of the game, I will need to revisit the southern tree completely.
These countries, in their current state, are shining examples of just how I have grown as a modder, and how this project has been going.
Now, the direction I want to take is for one ideology to conquer the other, and then take the fight to the rest of the world. A la Waking the Tiger, with the Chinese nations.
But I don't want to follow that pattern exactly, since that would get boring.
I also don't want to reveal my plans completely because I'd like to surprise y'all later.

Anyhow, I'm gonna abruptly sort of end this Dev Diary.
I keep doing this late at night
That's all for now.
To wrap up, I'm going to try and set up a wiki so development of the history of this mod can go more quickly in a format more easily understandable to myself.
This should also make collaboration more fun and easy!
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