Essentially, Herbert Hoover fell slightly differently when he was pushed to the ground by another child when he attended school. His spine hit a rock just right and he developed a permanent limp. Hoover walks far more slowly than in the original timeline (OTL). 
But what does this affect?
During his and his wife's stay in China during the boxer rebellion, the Hoovers assisted American forces in navigating Tianjin.
Herbert, specifically, guided marines through the streets. He was, of course, slower at this.
Fed up with his pace, the marines declined his help.
Instead they attempted to use locals for direction.
However, the locals sympathized with the Yihequan and often lead the marines into traps. 
Frightened, American expatriates in Tianjin and the legations protested William McKinley to increase military presence in China.
As the Yihequan (in collaboration with the Qing Imperial Army) gained control of Tianjin, they gained control of American imported arms.
Don't know quite yet how that bit turns out yet, if you have ideas hit me up.
There's no conceivable way the Yihequan could win though.
In 1931, Hoover shows up late to his public statement on German reparations where he discussed the "Hoover Moratorium," flustered and out of breath, absolutely nobody took it seriously.
Despite Hoover's violent dispersal of the Bonus Army, he wins the 1932 elections.
He was late for a dinner party with American business magnates, but fashionably so. 
He developed closer relationships with his fellows on Wall Street than he had before, and the 1932 elections were bought and paid for by his buddies.
Over the next few years, the depression worsens.
Class consciousness erupts near America's industrial centers, and by 1935 the Worker's War has begun.
Communist Militias seize local factories and housing, and begin reorganizing the economy by the democratic will of the working class.
Private Armies, along with the National Guard, put down local rebellion.
However, some use their wealth and power to secede from the United States.
The south of New England forms the Republic of New England, Henry Ford's armies seize Michigan.
Many states petition the Federal Government for greater autonomy.
The communist free territories are mostly confined to the mountains of North New England, and in small pockets throughout the continent.
What to do if you wanna help
Oh geez thanks so much. It's really wonderful when I see people interested in this, and I really like to work with people so if you wanna help here are a few areas that I do need help in.
I need flags!
I need to create HUNDREDS of these bad boys!
Thankfully, I've had a lot of help from folks like Onlybro555, Rose and Hammer, Red Reflect, Austro-Hungarian Egonomist, and Annabelle Reed.
They've made 33 gorgeous flags so far, and submitted them based on HoI4's requirements using a handy dandy google form I set up
I need ideas!
I can mod, sure, but honestly I'm not that good of a writer. If you've got ideas for literally ANYTHING for this mod I'd be so happy to work with you on that. Seriously, hit me up!
Ideas for national focuses, just general directions to take countries in, whole focus trees, decisions, literally any ideas, please tell me them.
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