I think I'm pretty cool.
I'm a communist lesbian with a borrowed camera, a couple computers, and a really wonderful girlfriend who's asleep in the next room while I write this in the middle of the night.
I don't like alienating work so I don't do any.
Like, for real, I just try and sort of do whatever's fun at the moment.
That doesn't work out super well in this particular society.
But I think it works well for tweeting, and making videos, and modding Hearts of Iron IV. 
Sometimes I even make music.
Oh yeah, and graphic design.
I'm gonna start HRT soon, so I'm pretty psyched for that.
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What the heck is spirituality and can materialists do it?

haha funny alt text am I right?

HoI4 Mod!!! Check it out?

I make videos, this is one about the recent NPC meme that's been going around, which is actually like textbook example of alienation (specifically atomization). 

I've been doing YouTube for about 12 years, but it never really went anywhere for me cause I never upload.

Pictures! Aren't these nice? I took them for my photography class this week. We're messing around with light.
The last three my girlfriend helped out moving around the flashlight on her phone while I did a long exposure in "bulb" mode.
These pictures were from our motion assignment. I spent hours with my dad trying to figure out the perfect settings for the ambulance and balls to get streaked and then stopped using long exposures with flash. 
The floating dice and the poker chips were some of my classmate's favorites, and honestly I like them too. 
Only it took me about two seconds for each of them, tossing stuff up in the air and then running to edit my photos only a couple hours before class started.
These are from our first assignment. We were supposed to get abstract and contrasty in black and white.
The image all the way to the left is a barrel of water reflecting me holding a camera above it, pretty sick, huh?
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